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Navigating Canadian Workplace Culture in Larger Corporations

This enlightening presentation, tailored for youth immigrants at CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society), delved deep into the challenges of adapting to Canadian workplace culture within larger corporations. Our keynote speaker, Dionne Smith-Castellano, a seasoned Talent Acquisition Specialist, Programs and Standards expert at PCKC, brought her own immigrant experience into the spotlight. Dionne's personal journey provided a relatable and inspiring backdrop for her informative insights.

Throughout the presentation, Dionne shared real-life examples of the challenges encountered as an immigrant in the Canadian corporate landscape and how she overcame them. Her firsthand experiences shed light on key topics such as workplace etiquette, communication norms, effective teamwork, and navigating the path to career growth. 

This presentation was an invaluable resource for young immigrants seeking to not only understand but thrive within the Canadian work culture, arming them with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the professional landscape successfully.



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