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New Edge

What is Networking for Success?

Networking for Success is the 4th and final step in the four-step initiative at CCIS. The Networking for Success Program offers professional newcomers the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and fellow professionals.

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Networking for Professionals On-Line Meetings …

The On-Line Networking for Success Meetings are events hosted through the CCIS four-step initiative platform. The purpose of this alternative approach to networking is to provide CCIS clients with a fresh and dynamic on-line experience. 

The On-line Networking for Success Meeting format allows key note speakers to address current and insightful topics. These speakers are then followed by previous clients of CCIS who share empowering and inspirational success stories.

Similar to the networking breakfasts, these on-line meetings will also provide CCIS clients with the opportunity to meet and connect with experienced professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with our talented pool of professional newcomers.

Through the On-line Networking for Success Program Meetings, CCIS clients will have an opportunity to stay on top of the latest trends in their industry, keep a pulse on the job market and meet prospective mentors and potential employers.

These networking opportunities will allow CCIS clients to uncover opportunities to connect with different types of mentors and advisors. More importantly, they will increase the visibility of our clients with senior management and assist in the development of their expertise, while sharpening soft skills such as communication, leadership and negotiation.

What are the Benefits of participating in the Networking for Success Program?

At CCIS, we believe that networking is important because it allows professional newcomers to meet and establish connections with like minded professionals who share a profession or have similar experience in a particular industry.

The goal of our Networking for Success Program is to help our clients build a rich professional network. Within these networks we want our clients to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the professionals they meet. By establishing these new professional connections, we want them to gain access to the necessary resources that will foster their career development and allow them to build social capital that may lead to hidden job opportunities.

Networking for Success Breakfast Meetings

The Networking for Success Breakfast Meetings are monthly meetings held in collaboration with the Calgary Petroleum Club, community partners and members of Calgary’s business community.

During these meetings, participants will listen to two guest speakers’ presentations addressing topics such as the local labour market, Canadian workplace culture, intercultural competencies for the workplace, job search and retention strategies. These guests, experts in their various fields, discuss the latest in business trends and share their experiences in a professional and accommodating setting.

CCIS clients and attendees will have the opportunity to make exciting connections and listen to guest speakers from various industries while having the opportunity to network with each other and connect with these industry leaders over breakfast.




The Networking event can help you meet some special person. In addition, you can open your knowledge and contribute your ideas in this meeting.