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Soft Skills for Youth Success in the Workplace: Why Soft Skills are More in Demand than Ever?

"Technical capabilities can only take you so far in your career. To really soar, you need skills that are harder to measure but critical to success." Forbes, 2022

At the beginning of July, we had an remarkable youth networking session at CCIS, presented by Suvarna Deshmukh, MBA (HR) Human Relations Coordinator at The Salvation Army Community Services (Calgary). Suvarna is a huge people-person with over 7 years of international and multicultural experience in Human Resources, Office Administration, and Customer Service. She has quick adaptability to changes, passion for creativity and a strong emotional intelligence which enables her to perform effectively in an ever-evolving workspace. Outside of work, it highly interests her to volunteer as it gives an opportunity to contribute her bit to the community.

Together, we explored the importance of understanding soft skills and their impact on career opportunities and growth in Canadian job market, as well as how to build our own brand at work when we start working.


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