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Being Future Ready

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Immaculate Byaruhanga, Business Relationship Manager and Future Launch Ambassador, RBC

“Being Future Ready is the idea of an individual consistently getting ready. It is the ability to morph into what is going on in the world now. It is not only valuing the past but looking toward the future and what you really want to do.”

-Janet Iko for educatorinnovator.org

Profound changes in the business ecosystem require professionals to redefine their roles & responsibilities, and contribution to their work and society at large.

Experts believe that a fourth industrial revolution is around the corner and they’re calling it Industrial 4.0. It is anticipated that the fourth industrial revolution will have a major impact on the working lives of people in entry-level jobs and all the way up the ladder.

Although the future may look like it’s mostly of robots and artificial intelligence, the reality of “Industrial 4.0” is that the most businesses, nonprofits and governments will be successful when they are led by highly skilled individuals who can understand and accommodate the demands of an increasingly connected, informed and fast-moving world.

Being future ready requires an emphasis on implementing a comprehensive, integrated approach to consistent upskilling and education that equips current and future professionals with skills, capabilities and ethical behavior needed for an evolving business environment.

Our keynote speaker for the event, Immaculate Byaruhanga, Business Relationship Manager and Future Launch Ambassador at RBC shared with us her in-depth knowledge on the best ways to identify change, educate and grow before time. She explained how to identify changes in the job market and highlighted the importance of being digitally literate, showcasing human skills, and being a life-long learner of skills.

Our clients indeed took back a lot from this networking event and are looking forward to growing in their career path.

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