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Rock Your Profile

PANELISTS: Awoh Bemah Nsafoah, Banking Advisor at RBC Meeting Place

                       David Nguyen, Student Advisor at RBC

LinkedIn can be a wonderful marketing tool if used the right way. Simply having a profile isn’t going to suffice anymore – you have to make sure that your profile gets noticed and you are known for skills you have acquired all this while.

LinkedIn, when used effectively, helps you connect with professionals around the world and gives you access to hidden opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile is your career story in short and hence it needs to be compelling.

Our panellist of expert speakers was able to share in-depth knowledge about LinkedIn. They discussed the different aspects of LinkedIn and how to become more visible to employers through having an engaging, relevant and active profile. The participants gained confidence about job search and networking on LinkedIn through this networking event.

Early Career Experiences
Being Future Ready

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