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Early Career Experiences

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Immaculate Byaruhanga, Business Relationship Manager and Future Launch Ambassador, RBC

“Great early career experiences help build a foundation for success, a stronger future for young people, and a more prosperous Canada for all of us.” RBC Launching Careers Playbook

Whether you're a new graduate or career changer, starting a career takes a lot of motivation and energy. However, as a result of significant changes in the business ecosystem, professionals must reframe their duties and responsibilities, as well as their contribution to their work and society at large.

Whether one is just starting out in a new field or starting their first job, it's vital to recognize that this is a critical period of transition. There is a lot to learn whether you are transitioning into a new work environment and culture or learning the ropes of working a typical nine to five.

Our keynote speaker for the event, Immaculate Byaruhanga, Business Relationship Manager and Future Launch Ambassador at RBC shared her in-depth knowledge on the best ways to recognize change, educate, and grow ahead of time to be successful. She discussed how to detect changes in the labour market and the necessity of being digitally literate, showing human skills, and continuing to learn new skills throughout one's life.

Our clients indeed learned a lot from this networking event and are excited to advance in their careers.

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