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Education and Employment – Are you ready for tomorrow’s jobs?


  • Mary McCoy – Recruitment and Event Specialist, SAIT
  • Victoria Wells - Bow Valley College
  • Gillian Chan – Student Recruitment Advisor, University of Calgary
  • Morgan Loberg – International Recruitment Office, Mount Royal University
  • Madeleine Golubev – Head of Community Engagement, GrantMe

The global labour market is experiencing a rapid change. Job seekers will have to acquire a broad set of skills that will help them survive a fast-changing job market.

In the present times, one is expected to have extensive and expansive knowledge about their field of expertise. Contemporary vocational career paths such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Clean Energies, Mind Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, etc. are now coming into the mainstream and this has paved way for universities to open specialized programs as a major component of their curriculum.

Our clients gained knowledge about the various programs that universities provide and about funding their education with GrantMe.

Exciting Career Paths in 2021

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