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Exciting Career Paths in 2021


1. Sara Struthers – Individual learner Services Manager, SAIT

2. Lida Goldchteine – Vizualization Developer at AutoCanada

3. Ana Barbara Piza – Biomedical Engineer at Abbott Laboratories

4. Ajay Sahai – Medical Researcher

5. Sam Dundas – Entrepreneur

Professions and career paths have evolved with time. We are no more at a place where today’s youth would have to choose to either become a mainstream doctor, engineer, lawyer or journalist. With an evolving world, there is more demand for specialized services now than ever before. Education too has evolved to match up to speed with the ever-increasing demand for specialized knowledge.

Today’s youths have an unlimited pot of niche career paths to choose from. Professions such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Content Creation, Biomedical Engineering, Market Research and Analysis, and many other specialized career paths have created more opportunities for the youth. These heterodoxic professions are now coming into the mainstream and are also well-paying.

With companies specializing in specific services, the demand for specialized knowledge is ever-increasing.  Educational institutions too are addressing those unique requirements by offering programs that refine and enhance those distinct skillsets.

Our mixed panel of speakers from various backgrounds were able give an insight into their field of expertise and professional journey. After the event, the clients were more motivated to follow their dreams and encouraged to choose an unconventional career path.


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