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Education for Youth: How to Navigate the Post-Secondary Education in Calgary?

Last month, we had the successful youth networking event in collaboration with the esteemed University of Calgary, represented by Vanessa Dang, Student Recruitment Specialist, Community Engagement. This event highlighted the importance of education for immigrant youth in Canada and its impact on better employment opportunities.

The University of Calgary, known for its inclusivity and diversity, showcased tailored programs, resources, and support systems for immigrant students. Vanessa shared personal experiences as a former UofC student, and capus life, emphasizing education as a stepping stone to fulfilling careers.

The event instilled hope and determination by emphasizing the link between education and employment opportunities. Immigrant youth left equipped with skills to overcome barriers and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

This collaboration with the University of Calgary set the stage for educational excellence and professional success. Immigrant youth were encouraged to realize their potential and make positive impacts in their chosen fields.

We extend our gratitude to participants, the presenter, and the University of Calgary for their support. Together, we've paved the way for a brighter tomorrow, empowering immigrant youth through education and unlocking countless opportunities.

 Event date: May 24, 2023


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